Join Our Coaching 4 Leaders Cohort!

Build Influence and Transform People Through Coaching

Learn how to have a transformational coaching conversation. Build collegial and trusting professional relationships. Create powerful change in the organization. Generate better results faster. Enhance the culture and feedback environment.  

Program is Designed for:

Principals, Instructional Coaches, Teachers CEO's, Board Members and Business Leaders. 

Basically anyone who is leading others!

We’ll also talk about:

  • How to develop an effective questioning technique. 
  • The importance of building a culture of feedback and accountability.
  • Developing a coaching proces and schedule that develops leaders.
  • What role you play as the coach and organizational leader.
  • Any challenges that you are facing during the school year.

"What was most beneficial about being here with all these charter school leaders was feeling that I'm not alone in this. With all the things that make you feel isolated at your school as a leader when you are in your office alone, it felt really helpful and supportive to get some ideas from others."

- Mattisha Dawkins, VERITAS Community

What’s included with this year of training?

Ongoing virtual and face to face follow up sessions to deepen your understanding. 

One DISC Personality Profile 

Resources to begin building your school's coaching program. 

JOIN THE NEXT COHORT (JULY 2018) New Cohorts kick off quarterly!

Coaching 4 Instructional Leaders

Face to Face sessions will be held regionally to limit travel of our cohort members. 

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